When it comes to our health, we all become super concerned and try to add all those essential nutrients to our diet to stay super healthy and fit. But, finding out the right nutrient and compound essential for our health is very important before incorporating them to our diet.

A very familiar compound or nutrient that we have heard about most of the times is flavonoid but have never ever tried to find out the benefits of it for our health.

Flavonoid is a water soluble polyphenolic compound, mostly found in plants have numerous health benefits. Foods rich in flavonoids are significantly associated with reduced risk of many diseases, however researches are still processing to determine whether the solo compound, flavonoid is alone responsible for all this health benefits or the whole foods that are rich in flavonoids. Let’s find out who flavonoids rich food are good for your health

  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Flavonols are the subgroup of flavonoids that include quercetin and kaempferol usually found in brusels sprouts, broccoli, cocoa, onions, berries, beans, chocolate, tea and apples.

    Flavonols significantly reduce the acute inflammation in arteries due to its amazing anti-inflammatory properties. Flavonols reduce the levels of adhesion molecules in human body that cause plaque accumulation and build up in arteries making heart prone to chronic diseases.

  • Antioxidants
  • Antioxidants are known for protecting human body cells from harmful free radicals. Free radicals increase bad cholesterol or LDL increasing the risk of heart disease.

    Free radicals are produced naturally by human body and also found in human body due to pollution cigarette smoke and stress and the damage by free radicals can also lead to cancer. Green tea, berries, grapes, bell peppers, papaya are rich in antioxidants.

  • Anti-cancer properties
  • According to several researches of Linus Pauling Institute, flavonoids inhibit different types of cancers in animals however, high flavonoid intake can also reduce the risk of human cancerous effect too.

    According to Cornell University research flavonoids present in onions have strong anti-proliferation effects that protect from liver and colon cancer cells which is another strong health benefit of flavonoids.

    Foods rich in flavonoids with anti-cancer properties are apricot, grape skins, broccoli, blue berries, plums, green tea, eggplants.

  • Cardiovascular system benefits
  • Flavonols are great for cardiovascular system. Flavonols help in lowering blood pressure, bad cholesterol and the risk of heart strokes.

    Cocoa and dark chocolates are highly rich in flavonols and have positive effects on blood clotting, insulin sensitivity and coronary artery function. Other foods rich in flavonoids are black tea, onions and apples.

  • Nervous system benefits
  • Intake of flavonoids is really beneficial for the protection of nerve cells from oxygen based damage and also for support during slow and demanding nerve regeneration process outside the brain and spinal cord.

    Flavonoids also help in fast recovering in Alzheimer’s disease because it helps in improving blood flow in the brain improving cognitive function.

  • Weight loss properties
  • A sub group of flavonoid called anthocyanidins include malvidin, cyanidin, pelargondin and peoidin richly found in red, blue, purple berries, plums, red wine, pomegranates, red and purple grapes significantly help in fighting obesity and diabetes prevention as flavonoids have modest anti-obesity effects.

  • Great bone health
  • Another amazing health benefit of flavonoids is maintaining great bone health. According to recent epidemiological researches flavonoids enhance bone formation and bone density inhibiting bone reabsorption through different cell signalling routes.

    Flavonoid rich foods not only protect and preserve bone mass but also keep blood pressure under control.